Ron DeSantis Has Started Testing His Retail Politics In Iowa

ron desantis

The anticipated meet and greet of former President Donald Trump and the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, on the Iowa campaign trail on Saturday did not materialize as bad weather- including multiple tornado warnings, forced the former POTUS to cancel one of the planned rallies at Des Moines.

The former president, on his Truth Social platform, commented that due to the Tornado warnings in the area, they were forced to cancel the outdoor rally at the Lauridsen Amphitheater. But they would definitely be rescheduling it at the earliest. This would be Trump’s third bid for the White House, and he has already demonstrated an overtly early dominance over the primary field of the GOP. But his latest attacks aimed at the Florida Governor, have led DeSantis to see Trump as his most serious potential challenger. 

Ron DeSantis Could Be Seeing Donald Trump As A Potential Rival

Ron DeSantis, on his part, has already approached the frontrunner for GOP 2024 cautiously- while he maneuvers an entirely new Presidential campaign on his own. The governor has been able to spend a lot of the previous month avoiding the former President- as he also dodged the constant missives Trump has sent, and deflected the questions about the mounting legal troubles of his potential rival. As it stands, there seems to be little indication that he has plans of changing strategies before he officially gets in this race in the next few weeks.

On Saturday, Ron DeSantis managed to test his retail politics in the Midwest at the annual family picnic of Republican Representative Randy Feenstra in the northwestern city of Sioux Center- which is the most conservative corner of the entire state. It is to be mentioned that Trump had received 82% of the vote in Sioux County in 2020, while the evangelical influences ran deep through the politics of the state.