Ron DeSantis Holds President Biden Responsible For The Rising Cases Of Infection

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis, the governor from the state of Florida, took a dig at Joe Biden, the President of the United States of America. The President was told to carry out his responsibilities in a proper manner. The Republican governor claimed that the president should focus more on securing the border that lay in the south of the country. He was also told to not say a word about the situation of coronavirus in the curry he does the job. 

Ron DeSantis’ Points

The statement from governor Ron DeSantis came on the 4th of August that fell on a Wednesday. The incident took place at one of the press conferences that was held. The Florida Republican also mentioned the promises that were made by President Biden before he took over the office of the President.

He stated that the President had promised the people that he would not let the coronavirus spread in the country if he came to power. However, all he has done is contributed to the situation by inviting coronavirus from all over the country to America. And the main reason for this, as stated by governor Ron DeSantis, was the southern border that was left wide open by the Democratic President.

The American President has been criticized constantly over various platforms of social media on the rising cases of the coronavirus in the country and his carelessness. It has been stated that so many immigrants who are infected with coronavirus are illegally entering the country. And they are straight away taken to the border communities without even letting the local government know about it. The comments made by governor Ron DeSantis earned a lot of praise over social media, especially from the conservative politicians. Christina Pushaw, the press secretary even went on to call it a moment of “mic drop.”