Stephen Sondheim Last Interview Days Before His Death: ‘I’ve Been Lucky,’ He Says

Stephen Sondheim

In his last interview before his death, Stephen Sondheim, the revered lyricist, and composer, 91, is contentedly seen discussing his shows running on Broadway. He also discussed a new movie to be released. Steven Spielberg spoke of bringing his famous musical, West Side Story, back on stage.

Stephen Sondheim is seen as playful and engaged in the 90-minute interview and there was little indication that he was in ill health. He discusses Steven Spielberg’s movie adaption of the story. The musical was followed in 1957 by the screen adaption in 1961 starring Rita Moreno as Anita. It is the tale of 2 gangs of teenagers from different ethnic backgrounds.

Steven Spielberg Had Memorized Stephen Sondheim’s Lyrics When He Was 10

Spielberg said that he had the original musical album of West Side Story since he was 10. He said he had memorized every line. Spielberg said that he sought to impart his love and respect for the legendary musical and the legendary figures behind the 1957 musical, Stephen Sondheim, Arthur Laurents, Jerome Robbins, and Leonard Bernstein.

Stephen Sondheim, the lyricist of the 1957 Broadway musical was also present, his last major television interview> He died on November 26 at the age of 91.

West Side Story was Stephen Sondheim’s debut at Broadway 64 years back. He said that Laurents had heard his work and he met Laurents at a party. Arthur was looking for a lyricist. He told Stephen Sondheim that was working on a musical adaptation of Romeo and Juliet.

Sondheim said that he wasn’t on the lookout for any job. Laurent said that he liked his lyrics and he was in as the lyricist.

There was little indication in the interview that Sondheim might be unwell. Lucid and engaging, he had strong opinions and was playfully aggressive. Even as he complained of failing memory, he spoke of events half a century earlier with characteristic ease.