Ted Cruz Attacks Joe Biden For Misguiding Vaccine Information

ted cruz
ted cruz

Ted Cruz accused Joe Biden of working hand in hand with digital giants. He said that Biden, along with big digital companies is controlling covid information. Earlier, Donald Trump also brought allegations against companies like Facebook & Twitter. He accused them of misrepresenting covid figures. 

Ted Cruz Slams US President, Accuses Him Of Teaming Up With Major Techies

During the past few days, tension over the misrepresentation of data has risen. The government of Joe Biden has been accused of teaming up with digital companies. To add to this controversy, Cruz made allegations against Biden as well. He stated that the government was involved in morphing contents related to covid. 

Cruz further stated there were fears regarding the functioning of the administration of Biden. All the worst fears seemed to come true. He accused Biden to interfere in people’s right to speech. Cruz said that the government was misusing its powers to dominate the government. Biden was accused of tampering with the Constitution according to his benefits. 

During the last few days, the covid cases have risen drastically in the US. The vaccination program has also slowed down considerably. In the meantime, the administration wanted to filter all the information.  Vivek Murthy stated that no misrepresentation would be tolerated. He laid clear instructions for social media to take action against all violations. 

Ted Cruz stated that the government is trying to use social media as a tool. It is using Facebook as a medium to provide morphed information. Recently the US President slammed Facebook for providing information that was not true. He stated that such information could lead to serious panic among the mass. The situation is quite intense in the US. With the threat of the third wave around the corner, vaccination rates must be boosted with an immediate effect.