Why Russell Westbrook And The Keepers Are On Different Sides Of The Pole Currently?

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

Just one day after making money for the combination of guards that are Bones Hayland and Eric Gordon, instead of increasing a point guard in the squad before the deadline trading day of NBA, The president of LA Clippers revealed what kind of point guards they are looking for to complement Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

Lawrance Frank, the chief of the basketball operations of the club said that they are looking for if there are any players in the position who can play for their first team.

He added that the important thing right now is that even though they have a point guard or not they want someone on the roaster who is defensively good, and can distribute the ball at the right places of the court at the right times. He said that PG and Kawhi will have the ball most of the time. So it will be a delicate balance to maintain.

Russell Westbrook And The Keepers Are Not On The Same Page:

Since La Clippers lsost their game against the Bucks, interviewers ask George if they want to fill their spot with another point guard, the star replied that they probably will need someone who has better ballhandling and perform their playmaking duties better.

George however took some time before offering his suggestion only to take the name of Russell Westbrook, who apparently has been a teammate of the player in his previous team.

After this become public, Russell Westbrook is now planning to sign for the Clippers to get his share of games in the main stages of the competition.

As the things currently stands, Russell Westbrook will become the new player for LA Clippers in the next stages of the competition.