Russell Wilson Denies Any Trade Requests To Seahawks

russell wilson
russell wilson

On Thursday, Russell Wilson, the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, clearly denied having asked for any trades during this offseason. Instead, he insisted that the relationship between Pete Carroll, the coach, himself, and John Schneider, the general manager, are stronger now. This is because the three have had a lot of talks after several uncertain months.

Russell Wilson Staying For The Foreseeable Future

This was Russell Wilson’s first public statement since February. During that month, he had made several comments that had resulted in trade speculation as well as a rising clamor over his Seattle future. Russell Wilson had repeatedly said that winning cures all dissatisfaction. Any claimed that all rifts with Seattle have been fixed for the time being.

He said that the team and he understand each other. Currently, they are focused on winning all of it, which is their job. He said that he is excited to be working with the current squad and how they are performing. He added that to him, winning meant everything.

However, frustration was clearly building up for Russell Wilson over the performance of the team. This had resulted in a firestorm in the offseason. Wilson could only watch Tom Brady claim one more Super Bowl in February.

Russell Wilson explained that when he does not want to be an audience to the Super Bowl. This is even stronger for him because he has already made two appearances in it.

The Seattle Seahawks had won the Super Bowl 8 years ago. It was the team’s only title. It has also been 7 years since Seattle was the NFC champions. Since then, the Seahawks have failed to get past the playoffs’ divisional round. Last year, they were defeated in the round for wild-cards by their rivals in the division, Los Angeles, at their home. That was the first time Russell Wilson had lost a playoff at home ground in his career.