Russia Upset With Western Nations For Spreading False Information

Vladimir Putin
vladimir putin

On Friday, Moscow criticized Western nations and the media for launching a widespread misinformation crusade about a potential Russian attack on Ukraine, accusing them of seeking to redirect attention away from their aggressive actions.

The remark by the Russian Foreign Ministry comes as US officials warned that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is becoming increasingly likely.

Russia Says That They Have No Intention Of Taking Military Action Against Ukraine

The United States and its allies advised its people to flee Ukraine as soon as possible to prevent an invasion, which Washington warned might happen at any time.

If Americans stay in Ukraine, they will not be evacuated by the military, according to US national security advisor Jake Sullivan, who advised them to leave within 48 hours.

The Associated Press reported that the State Department planned to declare early on Saturday that all American workers at the Kyiv embassy would be ordered to leave the country ahead of an anticipated Russian onslaught, citing anonymous US officials.

The State Department had already ordered US embassy personnel’ families to leave Kyiv. It had, however, left it up to the decision of non-essential workers to leave.

Earlier on Friday, the Pentagon said that it will send an additional 3,000 combat soldiers to Poland to join the 1,700 currently stationed there as a show of American support to Nato allies concerned about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Their purpose in Ukraine will be to teach and give deterrent rather than to participate in the battle. Australia and New Zealand have joined Britain, Japan, Latvia, Norway, and the Netherlands in urging their residents to evacuate as quickly as possible. Israel said that the families of embassy personnel were being evacuated.

Russia has stockpiled around 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, but it denies that it intends to invade.

Moscow is seeking assurances from the West, including no missile installations near its borders, no NATO membership for Ukraine, and a reduction in NATO’s military infrastructure.

The West calls Russia’s key demands “non-starters,” but is open to discussing weapons control and confidence-building measures.