Paul Whelan’s Family Devastated: Russia’s Injustice Has Taken A Toll

paul whelan

The wrongfully detained citizen of the United States Paul Whelan has been locked up for the last four years.

Russia has shown no remorse whatsoever. They are perhaps not yet ready to own up to their mistakes. They are on their revenge journey for providing assistance to Ukraine. Russia has no plan to stop this war at any cost. Putin has previously subtly threatened US President Joe Biden. He made a surprise appearance at Kyiv. He also promised to help Ukraine no matter what. In response, Putin said until when? He clearly perhaps pointed out there is no way they are willing to stop this war.

Paul Whelan Has Become A ‘Joke’

Paul Whelan’s sister Elizabeth Whelan was present at the US security council meeting that took place on Monday. The meeting was chaired by Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov. In front of the whole house Elizabeth Whelan sought for her brother Paul Whelan’s freedom. He has been captured in some Russian colony for the last four years.

A few months ago another journalist Evan Gershkovich joined. Since then the families of these innocent people have been fighting for their freedom.

Meanwhile, the US Ambassador to the UN labeled their imprisonment as an ‘April fool’. As the month of April is yet to end. Nobody could comprehend her sarcasm. However, she immediately backed up her comments asking the whole house to look into Paul Whelan’s sister’s eyes. Their suffering is there. She has no contact with her brother who is alive and she is aware of that. But the council isn’t allowing her or anyone from the country to establish a strong case.

She specifically asked Larvov to observe Elizabeth Whelan to see how painful it was getting for her to even survive.

Linda Thomas Greenfield was satisfied when the council president actually looked at her.

According to Elizabeth Whelan, Russia is establishing power by wrongfully captivating US citizens. Paul Whelan lived a normal life. He had a respectable job, and a family to look after. Even a position in society as a respectable person. All those important things were taken away from him. 

Russia continues to violate universal human rights. They are detaining political activists wrongfully to teach America a lesson for helping Ukraine.