US Military’s Actions Are Credible For Saving The Election

us military

The 2020 election was hampered by Iranian cyber hackers.

They were caught in time by the US military otherwise there could have been chaos for the protection team to control. There is already enough chaos regarding former president Donald Trump’s altering the votes. He accused everyone of voting. Later was found guilty of altering the votes himself. The Iranians couldn’t have left a long impact on cyber protection management. Their website is designed in such a way as to protect their results. The websites would in no way show accurate results. They show an unfair sketch of the election results. This twisting game fooled the hackers and saved the country from shame.

US Military’s Only Concern Is To Protect The Result By All Means

The US military stopped the Iranian hackers from spreading false rumors about tampered votes. That has never been the case whatsoever. The ballots always stay in extreme security. There is no one who could even enter there. But the Iranian hackers could have tampered with the website which would have led to unnecessary chaos.

The US military’s offensive and defensive team discovered the invasion during a mission in foreign cyberspace. They executed their plan immediately and stopped the Iranian hacker from further damage.

They have disabled the path the hackers were coming in. Also they closed all the paths for any hackers to come in. However, one of the US City networks was affected by it Major General William did not mention their name.

Cyberspace has become the flag bearer of government efforts. This includes shaping, influencing, and defending elections. The US military has evolved into a powerful structure. This would not let any foreign things or persons invade its space in the future.

The last invasion was made by Russian hackers in 2016. Just before the election, they leaked a bunch of emails from the Democratic members.