Rust: Investigators Go After Alec Baldwin’s Mobile


Rust has experienced one of the greatest tragedies of modern times. All the actors were gathered at the set of the film. The shooting was in full swing when the most tragic incident happened. Alec had a shot where he was supposed to fire a blank gun. 

He casually took the gun and tried to rehearse his shot. To everyone’s utter disbelief, a bullet was fired straight at Halyna Hutchins. Halyna could not take the impact and fell immediately. Hutchins was then taken to a hospital where doctors pronounced her dead.

 This incident shook the whole film industry. Investigations have continued and several rounds of interrogations have been done. Alec Baldwin has found himself in great trouble after the incident. He became the target of many critics. However, Alec had strongly disagreed on knowing the bullet. He stated that he did not have a clue that the gun was loaded.

Alec found a suitable supporter in Hilaria Baldwin. His wife stepped up for him and shut all the negativities. She has asked the media not to spread baseless rumors. A recent order has come up that might find Alec in a spot of bother. A warrant has been passed to seize the mobile phone of the actor. Let us learn more about the story below. 

Rust Tragedy Continues To Haunt Alec

Alec Baldwin is still being haunted by the shadows of Rust. A recent warrant has asked for the mobile Alec. The warrant was filed in the Magistrate Court of Santa Fe County. Alarming news has been revealed recently. According to the prosecutor, several persons involved with the gun can face charges. 

The warrant will enable the police to get hold of the actor’s iPhone. They can go through the emails, chats, call logs, and other necessary details. It seems as if days have passed but the Rust debacle remains a mystery.