Saints’ Tough Defence Shuts Out Tom Brady


In fifteen years, the Saints’ defense was the first to shut out Tom Brady. Last year, Tom Brady joined the NFC South. He has played 5 games with a passer stat of less than 80, as a Buc. Three against Saint’s defenses. 

Saints’ Strategy Against Tom

Dennis Allen said that the Saints’ played extremely well. Rushing behind Tom with more than 4 players would just make things tough for them. For the run game, the team was stoic. 

They exploited split safety keeping the number of explosive passes low. They needed the ball to be with Tom. They forced Tom to take the harder path and were lucky enough to get takeaway opportunities, explained Allen. 

The plan used by Rex Ryan in the New England Patriots against the Ravens was one that Allen thought of the Saints’ deploying. The plan forces the run match towards the center and creates a wall mid-field. 

This would force the player to throw the ball outside the numbered lines and down to his team. The main concept is to force the QB into high-pressure situations. Evidence shows that it is the best way to handle Brady, said Allen.

Mike Evans and Chris Godwin’s absence from the Saints’ did not affect their performance. Chris Godwin is out for the season with an ACL injury. Mike Evans suffered damage to his hamstring. 

Cam Jordan returned with fury opposite Tampa Bay, recording two tackles and three game-defining hits on Brady while generating widespread mayhem throughout the night. 

Jordan destroyed Tristan Wirfs at the pass and almost missed his third tackle as Brady strolled up, grabbed the ball tight, and raced after the third quarter. Jordan pursued him, got him from the back, and knocked the ball around the Saints’ 23-yard line. Marcus Lattimore seized it to keep the shutout intact.

It was the one time that Tampa Bay entered the New Orleans 25. It would also be the last moment that the Bucs penetrated the Saints’ domain.

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