Sam Hunt Welcomed His First Child With Wife Hannah Lee

Sam Hunt
Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt is a country music singer. He has excitedly confirmed the news of having his first child last night. He stated that he and his wife, Hannah Lee Fowler, are thrilled about having their first child. 

Sam Hunt was present on the stage of Ryman Auditorium during the charity concert named Second Harvest that was taking place in Nashville. Sam shared that he recently welcomed a girl child and they have named her Lucy Lu. The new father was gushing regarding his experience of fatherhood and announced that the musical journey and moving around from one place to another for concerts has made his heart hard. Nonetheless, his little girl has melted his heart. 

Emotional Sam Hunt 

Constant work had made him hard but he has now become soft-hearted after having his little girl, Lucy Lee. Sam Hunt had become very emotional on stage and had tears in his eyes as he feels immense gratitude over the past two weeks. Although he shared the news of welcoming his first child, he did not make it clear when she was born. 

Sam Hunt had announced the birth of his first child with Hannah Lee in an unusual way. The couple had filed for divorce for the primary reason of Hunt’s inappropriate conduct during marriage along with adultery. It was also known that Hannah was expecting at the time of filing for divorce. 

Couple Re-United 

Hannah had stated clearly that she has no intention of reuniting with Sam Hunt. Although Sam Hunt had not made any statement regarding their divorce, it was known that Sam has been trying to make amends to Hannah. The couple then started working on fixing their relationship before they welcome their first child. 

Despite all marital issues, the couple has reasons to be staying together and celebrate.