Iowa Governor Election Results Turned To Be Disappointing

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social workers

The Democrats of Iowa delivered very disappointing results on the night of Tuesday. This upsetting result was due to the fact that they rejected Abby Finkenauer who was a star for one time long ago in the Republican Party. However, she decided to step up against Chuck Grassley, a veteran GOP in November. 

Voters had cast their ballots in states including Iowa, South Dakota, New Mexico, Montana, and Mississippi on Tuesday. This voting was for primary contests which had offered an opportunity to the voters to blame and complain against the party currently in power. The voters could speak against all the wrongs and failing economies. 

Primary Elections In Iowa 

One such highly competitive race took place in Iowa’s Third District. In this District, Cindy Axne, Rep., is the only candidate from the Democratic Party standing in the delegation of congress. She is also hoping to keep hold of her seat in the 3rd District. In this District, Donald Trump, former US President, had won by a margin of under half a point. The veteran of the Air Force, Zach Nunn, Senator, is going to win the Primary of Republican in the district of Des Moines. 

Competitive Races For Governor Elections 

Iowa also had 2 other competitive races for House. The first one is between Mariannette Miller-Meeks, the GOP Rep., and Christina Bohannan, Rep. from the Democratic state. This election competition will unfold in the First District of Iowa. 

The other competitive race is going to take place in the Second District. Liz Mathis, Senator of Democratic state is going up against Hinson. Mathis has also worked as a news anchor for a local television channel previously. 

The voters of Los Angeles and San Francisco has clearly voiced their complaints against the government and demand instant remedies and solution to their problems.