Samsung aims to develop a 600MP camera sensor

Samsung has always been a major proponent towards developing camera sensors in smartphones. It started with the 64 MP, and the 108 MP but the company believes that was just the beginning. 

Yongin Park, the Head of the Sensor Business Team from Samsung, recently announced that the company plans on manufacturing a 600 MP camera sensor that would actively capture details that even the naked eye is incapable of seeing.

The human eye sees with a resolution of 500 MP. The company plans on outdoing the Human eye. 

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 have the power of 108 MP images and are supposed to capture in their binned 12 MP, and 27 MP modes.

Park says that introducing a 600MP camera sensor on its own is plausible, but it will be humungous in size and won’t fit into a smartphone. One way to do it is to shrink the pixel size. The HM1 and HMX sensors have 0.8μm pixel size, which was the smallest available to date.

 The company is yet to announce a deadline for the product’s big release.


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