Republican Member Santos’s Questionable Position In The US Political House


Representative George Santos does not hold a good reputation and if asks further he is not even a worthy candidate to be in that position. His name is attached to terrible things, and he himself is a questionable person or even trustworthy. And his backstory or past has become more prominent now. And his chances at the district level are so sure, even more, alarming as his backstory is not the kind expected from a representative.

Other US Officials Expressed Concerns Regarding Santos

Santos’ company was raided and sued by US Securities and Exchange Commission in 2020. However, his attorney has claimed his client was totally unaware of the wrongdoings going behind his back. Santos’ company was accused of running a Ponzi scheme. His whole historical background is vague, he confidently lied about his education, life and work, and also family. Santos appears as a False or fake person. However, he has claimed he is innocent and definitely not a criminal.

Dan Coston, who is a president of the congressional leadership fund PAC and close associate of the house of speaker Kevin McCarthy, expressed concerns regarding Santos’.Which is justified given his background and the allegations which were brought against him. And it became a legit serious issue to even giving him exposure to the political world would be safe? And the majority has said ‘not safe’.

Though Santos’admitted his part of jinxing with his resume. The republicans who were aware of his background during the campaign of them have asked him to stop his bid immediately. Many still believe everyone at the party was trying to cover it up. There is still an investigation going on about his other things.