George Santos Faces Call For Resignation From Nassau County Republicans: 4 GOP Congressmen Also Call For His Ouster

George Santos

Newly seated Republican Congressman George Santos is battling calls for his resignation from the Nassau County Republicans. New York GOP officials do not want to be seen as associated with George Santos.

The Republican Committee of the county serves most of the congressman’s Long Island district. They have accused him of running an election campaign built upon deceit and called on him to resign.

George Santos remains trapped under a web of lies that he has spun throughout his career, coloring every aspect of his political and personal life. He has also been bedeviled by the numerous investigations swirling around him at the federal, state, local, and international levels.

The campaign in 2022 run by Santos was one built upon lies, fabrication, and deceit, Joseph Cairo, the Nassau County Republican Chairman alleged.

George Santos Has Been Accused By His Own Partymen Of Deceit

At a press meet, he alleged that George Santos had cheated the electorate of the third Congressional District. Santos also stands accused of deceiving members of the Republican committee of the county, his colleagues, elected officials, his opponents, candidates, and the press.

Even Fellow New York Representative Anthony D’Esposito said that Santos had lost the capacity to serve the House and should immediately resign. If he does that, Kathy Hochul, the Governor of New York, would be forced to announce a special poll within ten days of his vacating his seat. That election would have to take place within 80 days of the issue of the proclamation.

Several names are floating around as probable candidates if it comes to a special poll. They include Robert Zimmerman, Santos’ Democratic opponent, and state Senator, Republican Jack Martin.

 But George Santos has maintained his overall innocence. He claims that he can at best be accused of merely embellishing his resume and has refused to resign. Following the announcement by the Republican leadership of Nassau County, Santos has remained defiant and said that he will not resign.