Sara Evans Files Divorce

Sara Evans
Sara Evans

Sara Evans is one of the most popular faces in the singing industry.  She is one of the best country singers at the moment. Sara has been keen on singing since her childhood days. 

She blossomed into a well-groomed singer and had received many accolades. Evans has a worldwide fanbase that admires her for her versatile style of singing. 

Unfortunately, things are not going great at the moment for Sarah. Sarah was married to Jay Barker. Barker is one of the famous quarterbacks from the college football leagues. 

The couple dated for a while before tying the knot. Both the stars got married in the year 2008. Their initial days went pretty well. However, problems started popping up recently. Sara decided to file for a separation from her husband. 

The exact time of their separation was not clear till now. A recent revelation by a reputed source has shone some light on the matter. 

The source stated that both Barker and Sara started living separately since the month of April, 221. Eventually, Sara filed for divorce in August. 

Sara Evans still seems to be haunted by her past husband. A recent incident faced by Sara has sent chills down the spines of her fans. She was being attacked with a car by Jay Barker. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Sara Evans Attack Leads To Jay Barker Getting Arrested 

Sara Evans stated that Barker tried to kill her recently. The singer said she was returning home from a party when the attack took place. 

Barker’s car sped towards the car of Sara aggressively. He wanted to smash her car and injure her severely. Fortunately for Sarah, Barker’s car missed the target and fled from the scene. 

Sara Evans immediately launched a police complaint. He was arrested by the police officers of Metro Nashville. Barker is currently out on bond. He will be produced in the court on 22nd March.