Arnold Schwarzenegger And Maria Shriver Wrap Up Divorce After A Decade Ending 25 Years Of Marriage

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has officially ended his marriage to Maria Shriver after she petitioned to terminate their marriage of 25 years a decade ago. The divorce between the former Governor of California and former action star, and the award-winning journalist was finalized in a court in Los Angeles.

The celebrity couple got married in 1986 and Maria Shriver put in for separation from Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2011. The split came after the 6 times Mr. Universe declared that he fathered a son with a house staff member in the late 90s.

The news had caused a brief media frenzy but there has been no further news as the couple had kept it private and refrained from accusation in public or court.

The reason for the long delay remains unclear as there was little public action after the initial commotion and the latest move that started in June this year.

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Shriver Have Not Gone Into Details Of The Divorce

The financial specifics of the case are also under wraps. There are no custodial arrangements or spousal support as all 4 children of the couple are adults.

There is no mention of immediate spousal support in the settlement papers though both reserves the right to claim it at a later date. Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have declined to comment on the latest development.

Arnold Schwarzenegger straddled the action film segment after his Conan and Terminator series of movies were wildly successful. He initially started as a bodybuilder where he gained international recognition.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected to the post of Governor in 2003 as a Republican. He served two terms. He returned occasionally to acting, mainly for roles in the Terminator and Expendables films.

Shriver had to give up her position as a correspondent on Dateline produced by NBC after her husband announced he was running for governor. She returned after a television journalist after Arnold Schwarzenegger left office. She remains active in issues concerning women’s rights and Alzheimer’s disease.

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