The Wonder Years Reflects On The Martin Luther Tragedy

The Wonder Years
The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years have premiered. The latest episodes of the show have been much anticipated. Fans have been waiting for the season to hit for a fairly long time. New episodes will be focusing on the life of the great Martin Luther King. The series will also reflect on the tragedy of his assassination. 

The Wonder Years has been adapted from an old classic that had the same name. The show was on the air from 1988 to 1993. The very first episode of the series introduces us to a character named Dean. The backdrop of the episode was 1968. Dean was portrayed as a child living in Alabama, Montgomery. At the tender age of twelve, Dean seemed to deal with a lot of problems. Let us learn more about the series below. 

The Wonder Years Premiers Makes A Lot Of Promise 

The initial episode portrayed the struggles of a typical teenager. Dean was seen to be bullied by his friends. He also saw his best friend stealing the girl of his dreams. However, the episode also stressed a much heavier issue- the tragedy of Martin Luther King Jr. fans across social media praised the slot immediately. 

The revamped version of The Wonder Years is almost a photocopy of its successor. The recent series has a perfect blend of humor along with seriousness. Daniel Stern was the narrator of the original series. The honor will be taken up by Don Cheadle for the upcoming series. 

The episode of Wednesday was quite emotional. Fred Savage, who directed the original series, directed the episode as well. Savage also serves as the executive producer for the current show. The historical references of Martin Luther King Jr. will surely make the show worth watching. The Wonder Years will be aired on ABC, every Wednesday, 8:30 pm.