Sarah Jessica Parker Flaunts Her Iconic Look

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the best actors in modern cinema. She has a unique flair that sets her apart from the rest. She has appeared in a number of movies. Sarah’s most memorable stint came in the ” Sex And The City”. It was one of the most celebrated movies of all time. People from all over the world praised the film significantly. 

Parker is currently featuring in her upcoming series “And Just Like That”. The premieres were held recently. Sarah seemed to be in love with Sex And The City. She rubbed a handful of nostalgia as she flaunted her iconic look from the film. Parker looked dazzling in her tutu. She was spotted in the event along with her better half, Mathew Broderick. She also brought along James, who was her son. 

Sarah Jessica Parker decided to honor her on-screen character, Carrie Bradshaw. Parker played the role of Carrie in the film. She was portrayed as a fashion freak. Fittingly enough, Sarah wore an attire that resembled the character. Her evening gown was customed with beads. She looked dazzling and glamorous in her attire. Let us learn more about the event in detail below. 

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Costume A Hit 

Sarah Jessica Parker stole the limelight at the ” And Just Like That” premiere. She wore a gorgeous gown which was gray in color. The gown also had a sheer cape that marched with the gown’s color. She paired it up with a tulle skirt that was blushing pink in color. The whole attire resembled her onscreen attire in the opening shot of Sex and The City. 

The upcoming movie is a sequel to the famous Sex And The City series. Sarah Jessica Parker is very much excited about the series. She hopes the series will garner the same interest as the previous one. “And Just Like That” is now available on HBO