Nike Go FlyEase: The Ultimate Hands-Free Athletic Shoe

Nike Go FlyEase
Nike Go FlyEase

The popular footwear company now brings out their latest creation, a completely hand-free, no lace, no zipper, no straps Nike Go FlyEase shoes that you can use as a casual wear as well as for athletic purposes.

This is unlike any other footwear product that you have seen before this. Nike does not replace the lace with a strap or a zipper but has created a new style altogether for ultimate comfort purposes.

The earlier FlyEase model replaced the traditional lace with a zipper that was easier to put on using one hand. Especially designed for the one-of-a-kind athlete Shaquem Griffin, the Seattle Seahawks linebacker, the new Nike Go FlyEase shoes go far beyond that. if we have to put it correctly, the old days of putting on shoes using your hands are gone as the new-age Nike Go FlyEase sneakers enter the market with a whole new technology to uncover.

Nike Go FlyEase: A Sneaker Designed For Disabilities

Nike mentions that this new pair uses a midsole tensioner and a bi-stable hinge that makes it easier for you to pull out your shoes or wear them effortlessly. Video clips of the shoe show that it hinges in the middle while taking them off that makes the process smooth.

The new Nike Go FlyEase claims to be the best shoe for those with who have difficulty in bending or fastening the shoe. Moreover, people can step out of their houses without having to touch their shoe or feet with Nike’s new design launch.

Nike has marked the cost of this new pair at $120 and is scheduled to go live for sale to “select” members on the 15th of February. The official statement from the company states that the new Nike Go FlyEase will be available for a worldwide public sale later this year.

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