Chris Evans Drunk DM’d By Lizzo And He Responded

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

Recently Lizzo DM’d Captain America in a drunken state during this weekend. Chris Evans not only responded by also added the flying kiss emoji that left the fans thrilled.

Lizzo had previously talked about her huge crush and pursuit of Chris Evans through a TikTok video. She even documented her relatable reaction to Chis Evans’s response to the drunken DM on Instagram.

Lizzo Pursues Chris Evans Through Instagram

Lizzo was seen lip-syncing to the audio song by Tatayana Mitchell in both of her videos. She goes on to mention that the reason she feels upset about one of her videos is owing to the reason that she cannot marry Chris Evans. She further adds that there is no other man on this planet like Captain America and he cannot be compared to anybody else.

In the 1st TikTok video, Lizzo is seen sending a DM to Evans. She basically sends 3 emojis including a wind-blowing emoji followed by the woman playing basketball, and finally a successful basketball.

This can be roughly translated as Lizzo shooting for Evans. She even warned people, not to drunk DM anybody and promises that it is only meant as a joke.

In the 2nd TikTok, Lizzo shows Evans’ response to her drunk DM along with her happily cheering. Lizzo also reveals that Evans has started following her on Instagram account after receiving her DM.

Furthermore, she added that she is not ashamed of sending drunk DM since she has done worse things on Instagram.

Lizzo has earlier proposed to Evans through a tweet in 2019 and Evans had lovingly responded in January 2020. Evans and his celebrity friends were seen performing at Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts’.