The Republicans Considering Rand Paul As A “Mole” In The Party

Rand Paul

The whole republican party has been in support of the Tiktok ban. They have mocked and criticized. However, Rand Paul doesn’t support the TikTok ban in the US. The GOP leaders saw it as a threat to the nation. They strongly believed that china is using it to destroy the core of the US. However, Rand doesn’t see it as a threat. The other GOP leaders were offended by his opposition.

Why Did Rand Paul Not Support His Party?

Rand Paul has taken a risk by going against his party. He might face the consequences of not supporting his party. Many speculate he is one of the prime investors for Tiktok. This is why he has chosen his business over the country’s safety.

He brought up an important issue of free speech. If they ban the app in the country it would highly likely disrupt the speech. Teenagers dancing to songs is harmless. However, the US government banning speech seems more dangerous.

Previously it concerned the lawmakers that Tiktok perhaps jeopardized national security. They have studied the app and the app perhaps has gathered data on US journalists and major officials. The US is currently facing cybercrime issues. They are struggling with spyware and Tiktok.

Rand Paul’s No came as a shock to everyone. He further said he would any day defend the  Bill of rights against all odds. His advice to all the leaders who found it offensive was not to use those apps. The US Constitution does not permit anyone to ban those apps in the country.

Rand Paul is running for re-election, and standing against all the odds he is facing right now. There is a huge chance of him winning. One of TikTok’s top investors Jeff Yass is spending millions for Rand Paul’s election.

When this news started roaring, Rand Paul made it clear he is not doing anything out of winning an election. Nobody has donated to speak all of those.