Democratic Senators: Airlines Sitting on $10 Billion in ‘Customer Cash’

airline companies
airline companies

Democratic senators have investigated into the money-making genie that the airlines have recently acquired, as they are sitting on tonnes of wealth at the behest of consumer cancellations, at a net worth of $10 billion. 

The senators investigating this massive scheme are arguing that the money can be refunded back to help people deal with their financial crisis. Senators like Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey are going at it in the Senate, to rule in refunds to the public. 

“The ongoing pandemic is placing enormous financial strain on millions of Americans,” the senators said in a joint statement. “In light of this pressing need, and the unprecedented multi-billion-dollar bailout that the airline industry just received from Congress, we are absolutely outraged that so few airlines are willing to offer real cash refunds to consumers who must cancel their tickets.”

The global pandemic has resulted in large scale cancellation of flights by airline companies, in which case they are issued by law to refund each and every consumer. But not if the consumer themselves cancel the flight. And the present situation is more of the latter than the former. 

Therefore, most of the companies are sitting on a veritable gold mine, which when given to struggling families would really help them out of the curb.