t Now Scott Perry’s Turn: January 6 Committee Letter Reaches Republican Rep. From Pennsylvania

Scott Perry
Scott Perry

The January 6 House Committee looking into the January 6 riots that led to at least 5 deaths has now asked Scott Perry, Republican Representative from Pennsylvania to appear for a dialogue. Scott Perry is the first lawmaker to be summoned before the Committee for aiding President Trump’s attempt to unturn the 2020 Presidential election results.

A letter has gone out to Scott Perry for his cooperation though the committee is yet to formally issue a subpoena.  Scott Perry was a member of the House Freedom Caucus. The letter is a significant stage in the investigative process. It was released on Monday and emphasizes how the investigation panel is homing in on the closest allies of Donald Trump at Capitol Hill.

Representative Bennie Thompson (D-Mississippi) and the chair of the committee wrote to Scott Perry seeking his full cooperation voluntarily. The letter elaborates that it seeks to discuss the attempts made to install Jeffrey Clark, the ex-official of the Dept. of Justice as the Attorney General.

Thompson said that the Committee has received and recorded evidence from several witnesses that Scott  had an active part in the attempts made to put into position Clark as the AG.

Thompson further said that the then AG Jeffrey Rosen and Deputy Attorney General Richard Donogue have given evidence supporting the allegation. The letter also said that others working with Clark were conscious of such plans.

January 6 Committee To Question Scott Perry About Interaction With Jeffrey Clark

The Committee tells Scott Perry that Mr. Clark is aware that the panel intends to question him about his links with Perry. Clark is facing criminal contempt. But the committee has given him a 2nd chance to stand before the committee to plead the 5th amendment.

The letter sent to Perry also says that the select Committee is conscious of the prolonged interaction with Mark Meadows. This includes proof that the two communicated over Signal, the encrypted application.

The Select Committee addressed  Perry’s penchant for spreading wrong information. The select committee said that it was conscious that the lawmaker contacted the White House. The Representative is one of the 3 lawmakers who have been targeted for their significant involvement on that fateful day.                  

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