Sen. Chris Murphy Warns Of Russia’s Downfall Should Putin Invade Ukraine

chris murphy
chris murphy

On a TV show on Tuesday, Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, talked about the tensions that have been growing between Ukraine and Russia. Reportedly, there are presently several hundred thousand Russian troops stationed at the border of Ukraine.

Chris Murphy Says Any Invasion Will Be Disastrous For Russia

In 2014, Russia had successfully invaded Crimea. However, even if it was under Ukrainian rules, the sentiments of Crimea were with Russia. This time around though, Chris Murphy thinks things will be a lot different if Putin, the Russian President, decides to carry out the invasion.

Murphy said that the US will continue assisting any army that is willing to fight and any population that does not want Russia to bluntly march over Ukraine’s center. Chris Murphy added that Putin’s advisors seem to be doing a horrible job. People are telling him that the populace will see him as a type of liberator. However, Ukraine has been anti-Russia for the previous decade and will refuse to give up without a fight.

Chris Murphy explained that Ukrainian sentiments have seen much change over the past few years. Presently, 60 to 70% of the country’s nations support joining NATO. However, this is exactly the thing that Putin wants to prevent.

Regardless, Chris Murphy firmly believes that it will be a massive error on the part of President Putin should the Ukrainian invasion take place. Murphy compared it with the time Russia tried to invade Afghanistan back during the 1980s. He said that this will be Putin’s term’s biggest error.

Murphy suggested, that just like in Afghanistan, a counterinsurgency will surge for a long period of time. The fight will be bloody, extended, and will be the beginning of the end for Russia. Similar to how the invasion of Afghanistan was possibly one of the biggest factors behind the downfall of the erstwhile USSR.