Sensitive Information Released Before President Biden’s Appearance

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The US delegation’s lack of responsibility caused national havoc for President Biden’s security. The papers were found where the US delegation stayed in Belfast. The paper did not have sensitive information although. Still might have risked the security of Joe Biden. The news was immediately by BBC. The papers were dated 10th April. Later the US secret service released that the paper may contain law enforcement material.

President Biden Remain Unaffected

President Biden’s movements in Belfast remained unaffected by the disclosure of the paper. However, there were risks involved definitely. The officials have remained mum regarding disclosing the matter, and what was there in the paper.

The Paris field office special agent Jocelyn Keaveney also disclosed that she was confident regarding President Joe Biden’s security. She has faith in the Irish and European partners.

She further said the secret service is reliable and always provides dignitary protection in the world. There is no way they could have let anyone harm President Biden per se.

They are supporting now during the president’s visit. President Biden gave a speech at the new campus of Ulster University. Also asked the Northern Ireland parties to come to power again. This marked 25 years of the Good Friday agreement. Biden previously shared northern Ireland being his roots and he must pay respect to it.

The main part of the agreement was to ask them if they wanted a united Ireland or wants to stay a small part of the united kingdom ruled by Buckingham Palace.

After the speech, President Joe Biden also met five leaders of the parties which are ruling Ireland currently.

Many of the leaders were perhaps delighted to welcome President Biden. Some of them shared pictures on Twitter mentioning that.