Sergio Ramos Determined To Beat Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is one of the best defenders at the moment. He has been a rock at the defense for the team he plays. It is due to his defensive prowess the Spanish International team has flourished. Ramos used to play club football for Real Madrid initially. He played at Real for a chunk of his career. He provided a lot of memorable performances for Madrid.

 Ramos even came up with crucial goals for Real. The recent Champions League success of Real is largely due to Ramos’ fantastic display.  However, recently, he decided to leave Real Madrid. Ramos joined Paris Saint-Germain for the 2021-22 season. He joined the likes of Lionel Messi, Mbappe & Neymar at the club. Ramos will be facing a tough emotional battle in his upcoming Champions League fixture. 

The Champions League fixtures were drawn again due to some mismanagement. After the redraw, the French club will be facing Real Madrid in the Round of 16. This will be an interesting match for Sergio Ramos. He will be up against the team where he has spent most of his golden days. Sergio is, however, very much determined to give his best for PSG. Let’s learn more in detail below. 

Sergio Ramos Will Go All Out Against Former Club

Sergio Ramos is currently nursing an injury. However, he is very much expected to come back before the UCL round of sixteen. Ramos stated that facing Real was not his primary desire. He expressed his undying love for Real Madrid. However, he also looked determined to defeat them. 

Sergio Ramos wanted to go all out and defend his current team. Ramos spoke about his difficulty adapting to completely new surroundings. He was glad about the welcome he received from the coach and other staff. All eyes are now set for 16th February 2022. 

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