Allegations Against John Kerry In A Suspicious Leaked Audio

John Kerry
John Kerry

Republicans have claimed that John Kerry, the former State Secretary has told the Foreign Minister of Israel, Javad Zarif about strikes done by Israel in Syria on the interests of Iran. If the facts revolving around the leaked audio are found to be true, it has the potential to undermine the relationship between the US and Israel. John Kerry has strictly denied this allegation and said that a conversation like this one never took place. Meanwhile, a group full of Republicans has demanded the President for investigating all the allegations. Many Republicans are also asking John Kerry to resign from his current post on the council of National Security, following the confirmations of the allegations. 

Facts About The Leaked Audio Of John Kerry

On Sunday, Iran International, a news channel based in London, published a nicely written article containing details of the alleged leaked audio. It said that it was an interview between Saeed Laylaz, an Iranian journalist, and Zarif, which was scheduled to be released in August. It will be released after the current administration will leave office. Laylaz appears to be sympathetic and concerned about the current President of Iran. He was formerly an adviser to Mohammad Khatam, former President of Iran and a reformist. 

Zarif claimed according to Iran International’s news article that John Kerry, the former Foreign Secretary told him that Israel launched over 200 attacks against the forces of Iran in Syria. However, the claim was noted as “not credible” by Iran International. The sentence regarding John Kerry was just a small paragraph in a very long article. It also included the criticism of Zarif regarding Qasem Soleimani and the IRGC. 

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