Democratic Ted Lieu Calls Out Hypocrisy Of Catholic Bishops

ted lieu
ted lieu

This weekend, Democratic Representative Ted Lieu ranted against the Church of Catholicism which included calling bishops in the US hypocrites. He also called them nakedly partisan as they sought to update guidance on Communion that ban Speaker Pelosi and President Biden because they supported abortion policies.

Ted Lieu Stokes Religious Sentiments

The Democrat from California who is a Catholic as well called out multiple Republicans as well. The list included William Barr, the ex-attorney general, and Newt Gingrich, the ex-House speaker. He claimed that they had violated Catholic Church beliefs as well but did not face any threats like being denied Communion. Ted Lieu added that hypocrisy like this can doom the membership of the church.

Ted Lieu then went on to dare the Catholic Church to bar him from communion as well due to his beliefs in politics. His political opinions include supporting abortion access, the right to divorce, marriage between the same sex as well as infertility treatments. He listed them out in a tweet and ended with the dare to be enforced when he attends Church the next time.

The Church of Catholicism opposes abortion along with the penalty of death. It also has a long history of being against birth control as well as IVF for couples who are infertile. Divorcees are also not allowed to remarry until the first marriage is annulled. Ted Lieu thus named Republicans who support the penalty of death and marriage vow-breakers who are not being targeted by the Church.

In another tweet, he brought up how William Barr had expanded the penalty of death, Gingrich who had married multiple times as well as Chris Collins who had stolen through insider trading. The rant follows the USCCB overwhelmingly voting in favor of drafting a formal Eucharis meaning. This comes as a debate rages over whether abortion supporters should still receive Communion.