Ginger Zee Replies To Comment Regarding Her Weight!

Ginger Zee
Ginger Zee

Ginger Zee replies to comments regarding her weight on a social site. The TV personality and meteorologist, ABC News, Ginger Zee talked about how Hollywood doesn’t choose and determine the image of her body. Zee stated that this weight is perfectly right for her. 

Ginger Zee Has Always Been Very Vocal About Her Struggles In The Past!

On Tuesday, Ginger posted her video on social site, Twitter before featuring on the stage of ABC News. The video first showed her being dressed down. Then she jumps into this stripy dress with high-heeled strappy sandals. A user on Twitter responded that Hollywood should stop pressuring ladies to be so skinny.

Ginger Zee was quick to respond to this. She replied that she doesn’t get called a skinny person often and she has 21 as her BMI. She concluded by saying that this weight is absolutely right for her. Ginger Zee also added that she has literally weighed the same for nearly two decades. 

A supporter replied how amazed she is to see Zee responding to these comments with so much grace. According to the user, she would either ignore this text or be a little bit snarky about it. Zee stated that she likes to address these issues because it is about educating the mass. In the past two decades, Ginger Zee has been very vocal regarding her struggles. Last year, Ginger talked about her fight with anorexia.

She also talked about how she felt like that disease was her own choice. Ginger’s mother took her to a medical treatment center where she was shown the kind of life that will follow if she doesn’t manage to recover. Zee also added that the whole incident was pre-planned from the beginning to scare her wits out!