Shaka Smart, The New Head Coach Of Marquette Golden Eagles

Shaka Smart
Shaka Smart

An announcement was made by a source with regard to Shaka Smart, the basketball coach of Texas. The announcement came in this Friday. The coach is now made the head coach of the Marquette University Golden Eagles.

Shaka Smart is the replacement of coach Steve Wojciechowski. The former coach had been fired from the team. The incident took place last week. Coach Steve completed a total of seven seasons with the teams.

Shaka Smart, The Worthiest Candidate?

Bill Scholl, the director of the athletic department of Marquette, gave a statement with regard to their new addition to the Marquette family. It was stated that the team had to carry out extensive research in order to pick the right candidate. They made their contacts with a bunch of qualified coaches across the area. The athletic director further added that in all of their lists, Shaka Smart was someone who managed to remain on top. The statement was concluded by expressing the feeling of excitement over the influence that the newly appointed coach will have on the students, especially on young men. The director called the coach a “great teacher” and a “great moulder.”

The new Marquette coach will be turning 44 on the 8th of April. He is creating history by becoming the first-ever head coach from the community of the Blacks. The formal introduction of Shaka Smart as the Marquette head coach will be done at a conference that is to be held this coming Monday. Smart gave a statement with regard to his appointment. It was stated that he is full of excitement in order to carry out his responsibilities. When it comes to replacing him as the head coach of Texas Longhorns, Chris Coach is someone who is situated at the top of the list.