Shameless Has Reached The Finale But Is It The End?


The story of the Gallaghers in Shameless has been mostly wrapped up in the Season 11 finale. However, there are still a few loose ends that may warrant another season for the TV Series.

The Decade-Long Shameless Story

The family chaos of the Gallaghers on the South Side of Chicago has kept us entertained for over a decade. However, with the final episode of season 11, “Father Frank, Full of Grace”, Shameless has finally reached the end of its run. Viewers though would like to see another season or perhaps even a spinoff of the series.

Shameless had debuted in 2011 on Showtime. The show was an adaptation of the UK series that had the same name. The series centered around comedy and drama has remarkably retained almost all of the original cast members that formed its core. Fiona Gallagher, played by Emmy Rossum, was one of the few to have left Chicago. The eldest sibling in the Gallagher family and the parent-like figure for her younger brothers and sisters departed in the finale of Season 9.

A season 12 for Shameless is currently not on the cards. John Wells, the showrunner, stated that he was not too upset over the fact but definitely felt a bit disappointed. He also explained that the timing for the finale was decided by Showtime but he was satisfied with it as well. He also struck off any chances for any spin-offs focusing on the neighbors or a smaller part of the family.

Season 11 of Shameless largely wrapped up the stories of the main characters and set them up for different futures. The neighbors decided to leave behind Chicago and find a better life in Louisville. The Gallaghers are no longer a single close family. Many of them are starting their own journeys in life.