‘The Nevers’: A Messy Supernatural X-Men-Esque Victorian Series

The Nevers
The Nevers

The compelling new HBO drama series is about women afflicted with special powers. Unfortunately, they are unable to charm this overstuffed plot of ‘The Nevers’ as well as the shadow of its creator.

The latest creation of Joss Whedon, presented by HBO is an overstuffed fantasy action series revolving around a motley crew of supernaturally gifted women in Victorian England. The reputation of Whedon has significantly soured in recent years after the allegations of bullying, toxic work environment, and verbal abuse of several actors went public.

The Messy, Macabre Plot of ‘The Nevers’

‘The Nevers’ opens with literally the big bang and its methodical explanation. This cataclysmic event seems to touch a few special women in London and these ‘touched’ young women are feared and stigmatized and eventually shunted to the shadows of society. They are constantly hunted by still-unexplained masked riders.

There are many who refuge in an orphanage run by Amalia True. This motley haven gives the feeling of a nascent Avengers-type family of women. Harriet can turn ordinary things to glass, Myrtle is able to speak several tongues, Primrose is 10 years of age and 10 feet in height, Annie spits fire from her hand. However, the only one True is able to trust is Penance Adair who can see the future through electrical currents and anachronistic inventions.

Overall The Nevers seems to struggle in order to live up to the radical concepts while it tries to remain thoughtful and engaging. The show does provide some hope of delving deeper into the past of the characters and unravel the still-unknown issues that confuse the viewers. Nonetheless, the show manages to show superpowers that demand the audience to imagine the power in a different manner.

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