Shang Chi Takes A Funny Dig At ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Picture Leaks

shang chi
shang chi

The end of 2021 promises to be a thrilling one for Marvel fans as it goes ahead with the long-anticipated release of Eternals. It follows the release of Black Widow and Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The year promises to end with a bang as Spider-Man: No Way Home releases in December.

One of the newest members of the Marvel Comic Universe is having fun at the expense of Spider-Man. Ever since pictures of Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire have been leaked from the sets it has taken social media by storm. But Shang Chi lead Simu Liu has taken a hilarious crack at the leaked pictures of the Spider-Man movie.

While promoting Shang Chi, Simu Liu pointed out that Garfield is not in the picture while sharing his picture along with Awkafina as he promoted his Shang Chi movie.

Hilarious Way To Promote Shang Chi

The picture released during the promotion of Shang Chi was released from the account of John Campea on Twitter and had his watermark. Marvel Studios contacted him to have them removed from his social media account. The studio said that it was ‘probably real.’

Campea shared a video on YouTube, saying that it was never a public relations stunt. A representative of Marvel Studios had called him up to know who had given him the pictures. He said that he would not reveal the person who had sent him the pictures. He added that he gets sent a lot of stuff regularly.

He said that he got a mail from an anonymous source that said that it was a picture from the latest release of Spider-Man. He said he looked at the picture with 3 Spider-Men depicted and thought it was definitely photoshopped.

Over the past months, rumors have floated around the previous actors who had played villains would be back. There has also been denial when it comes to the presence of other Spider-Man actors.

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