$1.6B With The Feds As Over 600,000 Stimulus Check Remain Unpaid

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

Tax filers received a reminder from the IRS that they need to claim their missing stimulus check by filling in their income tax returns before April 18, if they missed it. The IRS has not announced the extension, so filers would be advised to treat that as the final deadline. This is the last chance for people who missed out on the 3rd stimulus check to claim their $1,400 check or more.

The IRS has stopped issuing the EIC payment, filers who missed out on the amount, or received less than what is due to them will need to claim their stimulus check amount by filing a Recovery Rebate Credit on the 2020-21 returns, as revealed by the IRS.

Most eligible citizens have received their full payment and will not have to refer any further to the third stimulus check when they file the tax return for 2021 this month.

Claiming The Third Stimulus Check

The IRS has said that it has dispensed over 175M third stimulus checks with a total value of $400B. Most payments were sent in the early summer or spring of last year. But there remain around 600,000 people who have either not received their stimulus check or have not deposited their check at the bank.

The total amount pending comes to $1.6B according to the tax authorities. The authorities have advised citizens to check their accounts at first to confirm that they did not get a deposit last year.

They can also gain access to the online account on the IRS website to assess the amount that was issued. For married couples who filed their returns jointly, they will have to log in individually to their accounts to get the details.

Once citizens are convinced that they did not receive any payment from the IRS, and the online account shows a payment, they should immediately get in touch with the authorities. The same applies if they have got a Letter 6475 or a Notice 1444-C.

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