La La Anthony Discloses Serious Heart Problems: Shares ‘Scary Moments’

la la anthony
la la anthony

La La Anthony has spoken of a heart problem that led to an irregular heartbeat. She put off a technique to treat her heart that had been pumping way more than an average person’s. La La Anthony reveals that her health condition compelled her to ease up.

La La Anthony has been showcasing her chic fashion and curves, but it hid a heart disorder that forced her to change her pace of work. Her irregular heartbeat conditions left her with around 30,000 more beats per day than an average person.

La La Anthony’s serious heart condition forced her to rush to the emergency this summer. She complained of feeling light-headed and had trouble regaining her balance. The emergency occurred after a Memorial Day event along with her close ones. La La’s family grew concerned at her paleness and rushed her to the hospital.

La La Anthony’s Condition Could Have Led To Heart Failure

She had earlier been diagnosed with premature ventricular contraction. It had led to an irregular heart rhythm. Doctors discovered that her heart was beating at a much higher rate. Such a strain can lead to a weakening of the heart muscle, even causing heart failure.

La La Anthony knew that her frenzied schedule and professional concerns if she eased up prevented her from taking care of the heart issue. She says that black women also tend to downplay heart issues. She says that they normally do not seek medical help and instead prefer to self-medicate.

But in June her heart conditions were so serious that she couldn’t any longer afford to ignore it. La La Anthony had to undergo a procedure called cardiac ablation that restored her normal heart rhythm and controlled the heart irregularity. The procedure lasted a couple of hours, and she was conscious throughout. She was in recovery at the hospital for 3 days. There were terrifying moments, but she says that her treatment was successful.

La La Anthony says that she has learned that women, especially blacks, tend to put other issues before health and that is the wrong thing to do. She says that some issues should not be put off as they serve as an impediment to a healthy and happy life. She said that others should look to her as an example.