Sharon Osbourne Talks About Her Ketamine Support

sharon osbourne
sharon osbourne

Racist comments made Sharon Osbourne go under Ketamine therapy. She left her erstwhile show “The Talk” in March. The accusation was making homophobic, bullying, and racist language with the former co-hosts.

Osbourne developed anxiety issues after leaving “The Talk”. She had to go for a therapy session. The therapy session she took for her well-being, but she also had to go for Ketamine therapy. 

Sharon Osbourne Was Dealing with Depression

The 68-year-old Osbourne faced retaliation after using racist bullying and homophobic comments while interacting with the co-hosts. She used those comments on a segment in her show, where she was defending a controversial statement by Piers Morgan.

She stated that it was a rough patch of her life with death threats, hiring security for protection, etc. She went through Ketamine therapy at the suggestion of Sara Gilbert, a friend, and co-host of Osbourne. Sharon Osbourne said that the ketamine therapy helped to release all her stress and tears within three months. 

Ketamine therapy is used as an anesthetic for patients who have chronic depression or anxiety. But it can be used illegally as a drug because it puts you in a relaxed state or creates hallucinations. When all the antidepressants fail, ketamine is put to use but as an off-label treatment. In Massachusetts General Hospital, it has been seen the patients have lessened symptoms within 40 minutes after a low dose of ketamine got charged. Based on this study, FDA approved esketamine, a nasal spray for treating depression. 

Researchers could not find the exact method of how ketamine reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression. But the assumptions are that it directly goes to the brain’s NMDA receptor that helps neurons communicate better with each other, resulting in an improved pattern in mood and thoughts. 

“The Talk” removed Sharon Osbourne, saying her behavior was not precisely aligned with their values; this comment made Osbourne feel more miserable than leaving the show. The incident had caused a negative impact on her, and she decided to not go back to daytime television in the near future.

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