FDA Staff Members To Resign Soon


The FDA of the United States of America made an announcement with regard to the resignation of some important officials of the department. Two of the vaccine officials gave their resignation. The announcement was made on the 1st of September. The origin of everything was one of the plans introduced by Joe Biden, the President of the country and his administration. The provision that was introduced was booster shots with regard to the coronavirus vaccine. It was stated that this was done even before it was approved by the vaccine officials. 

FDA Members’ Resignation- Reasons

The ones who will be resigning as told by the FDA are Dr. Philip Krause, the deputy of the director of the “Office of Vaccines Research and Review” of the department of the FDA, and the director, Dr. Marion Gruber. It has been stated that they will leave either in the month of October or November.

The director of the Biologics and Evaluation Research center, Dr. Peter Markes, gave a statement while the resignation letter was announced. The two officials who are leaving were praised by him. It was stated that they did an amazing job to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. Nothing was stated on why they were leaving. 

The administration of the Democratic President of the country made the announcement in the month of August that the coronavirus vaccine booster shots would be introduced in the country. That would be provided eight months after the dose of the vaccine. One of the sources confirmed that the two officials were extremely upset about the decision that was taken by the Biden administration. As per the officials of the FDA, it was stated that it was up to the FDA to make decisions on vaccines and not the CDC.        

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