Sherri Shepherd Was Inspired By Rosie O’Donnell In Increasing ‘View’ Salary

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd is fully aware of how important it is to pay something forward. In Sherri’s latest episode, Sunny Hostin talked about how 56-year-old Sherri had helped her get an increased salary when Sunny joined The View as a full-timer in 2016.

Hostin Remains Grateful To Sherri Shepherd

54-year-old Hostin, while talking to Sherri Shepherd, the host of the daytime TV show, said that she did not know if Sherri remembers the incident. However, she proceeded to remind Sherri that she had called Hostin when Hostin had signed her deal sheet. Sherri Shepherd had been a co-host on the talk show on ABC from 2007 till 2014.

Hostin continued recounting how she never knew how Shepherd got her number. However, Sherri had told her that she had heard about Hostin joining the show to which Hostin had confirmed the rumors. According to Hostin, Sherri Shepherd had then asked her if she had received a stipend for a car, to which Hostin had said no. That’s when Sherri told Hostin about her entire salary for the duration of her tenure at the show along with Jenny McCarthy’s.

So Hostin concluded that Shepherd had got her paid. Because of Sherri Shepherd’s information, Hostin could go back to her agent and inform them that there was more money on the table. Shepherd, consequently, gave credit to Rosie O’Donnell, her former co-host on View, for providing the idea about sharing salaries. Shepherd recounted that Rosie had done the same for her, so she believed she had to continue the trend as a way to repay Rosie’s favor. She believes that everyone should stick together.

In 2018, Shepherd had spoken to PEOPLE about how her salary during her time at The View would have been very different if Rosie had not guided her.