Station 19 Joined With Another Show

station 19

It was a bold move for the directors and the production house to join two of the greatest shows together. In Grey’s Anatomy, Dr.Meredith’s house caught fire, and one of the firefighters who brought out the kids didn’t let dr. Meredith inside was a Station 19 star. Station 19’s special appearance of Grey’s Anatomy will be kicking off the winter premiere, on 23rd February. Every firefighter risked their lives to save the kids.

An Unfortunate Event For Station 19

While trying to save the lives trapped inside the burning house, Station 19’s one of the officers on duty risked her life which left her fighting for it. Kudos to the directors of both the show, for how skillfully they have woven the plot and the twist. And this is not the first time neither going to be the last time Station 19 actors will be appearing on Grey’s Anatomy.

When everyone is busy saving the kids, one firefighter’s sudden realization changes the story. Captain Maya Bishop was nowhere to be found. The station 19 character Maya Bishop met a fatal accident when all others on duty tried to calm down the roaring fire that engulfed Dr.Meredith’s house.

Maya Bishop fell on the treadmill hitting her head, the paramedics rushed to the scene and immediately brought her to the hospital. She lay on the stretcher unconscious. And pulse rate dropped which caused everyone to panic. And this might be the gloomiest day in Station 19. literally, Maya Bishop’s situation left everyone praying for her.

The show’s stars feel it is an honor for them to show a tiny part of the life-saving heroes. Who always risk their lives in order to save ours. They leave their home, family, and kids within a second to respond to duty. The winter premiere is on 23rd February, the fans keep the show running.

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