Sia Called Shia LaBeouf A ‘Pathological Liar’


FKA twigs who sued Shia LaBeouf for alleged emotional, sexual and physical assault received a message containing support from Sia. After getting sued by ex-girlfriend FKA twigs, Shia Labeouf is getting spoken out about by Sia.FKA twigs sued Shia for alleged emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. 

Claims And Allegations By Sia

Sia claimed that she has also been hurt by Shia emotionally who conned her into the adulterous relationship. Sia tweeted that Shia claimed to be single at that time. Both the reps of LaBeouf and the singer refused to respond and comment on the situation. Shia,34 starred alongside Maddie Ziegler, the dancer in the music video of “Elastic Heart” in 2015. She warned everyone to stay away and stay safe if they love themselves. She also showed her support to FKA twigs. She told her of being proud of her and how courageous she is.

According to the documents procured by PEOPLE, Twigs alleged in her lawsuit that Shia assaulted her physically and sexually. In NY Times’s interview, Twigs talked about how being with Shia is the worst thing in her entire life. She confessed that she was scared to inform the police as she was careful not to harm Shia’s career and also because of her suspicion that her story wouldn’t get heard seriously. The actor replied to these allegations by posting several emails to The Times. Shia said that he had only rationalizations and no excuses for his aggression or alcoholism. He also confessed to being abusive to his closest people and hurting them.

The singer is hopeful that her shared experiences can help other people to come out, not feel lonely, and get out of an abusive relationship. The singer said that while her first nightmare was not being to tell others, her second nightmare was coming out with her story.