Sinclair to delay segment featuring ‘Plandemic’ conspiracy theory

The scheduled airing of the Plandemic news segment from Sinclair Broadcasting has now been reportedly delayed. It featured a conspiracy theory regarding Anthony Fauci’s role in the widely raging COVID 19 pandemic. 

It was an interview with Judy Mikovits, a medical researcher claiming that Fauci, one of the most acclaimed experts could be possible for the creation of the COVID 19 virus. 

It was hosted by Eric Bolling, the host of “America This Week.”  He reportedly spoke with Mikovits and her attorney regarding her possible plans to sue Fauci.

Mr. Nicole Saphier, the Fox News medical contributor responded in the negative, reporting that it was “highly unlikely” that Fauci is to blame for the same. Fauci, too, has discussed the death threats he has been getting over the same.

The video faced an outrageous response and was not allowed to be aired on platforms such as Facebook and Youtube.

 Defending his interview, Bolling said, “I have always welcomed all points off on my show and have consistently stood for free speech in my 15 years in media. At no point did I agree with her. Further, I brought on another doctor to debunk the theories she espoused. I repeat: I do not agree with Dr. Mikovits.”

The delay in airing is after much thought and intends to incorporate more viewpoints and perspectives before airing. Adding to the announcement Bolling and Sinclair have specified that they have “immense respect for Dr. Fauci.”

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