Diane Warren On What He Considers More Important

Diane Warren
Diane Warren

Diane Warren, the singer and songwriter, could not bag the Oscar award this time. This is the 12th time the songwriter has been nominated under the category of the best original song. She is also the first woman to not be a winner after so many nominations in the history of the award ceremony. However, she is not consumed by misfortune. 

Diane Warren’s Facebook Post

The singer and songwriter took to the social media platform, Facebook, to talk about the issue. This took place on the 26th of April. There she wrote about the feelings she felt after having lost again. Diane Warren wrote that despite not winning the award, she won something that was much more valuable to her. And that is the love and support that she has received in her journey.

She went on to thank everyone for belonging to the community of movie music, who cast their vote on the song. She further added that it was an honor for her to get voted by them. Diane Warren’s nominee claimed how much these things matter to her.  She concluded her post by thanking all who supported her.

The winner of the award for the said category is Tiara Thomas and D’Mile. They won for the collaboration from the film, Judas and the Black Messiah, by Shaka King. The Oscar winner, in the acceptance speech, spoke about the influence truth has on the act of storytelling. She said that all the filmmakers and musicians had the responsibility and the opportunity to let the people know about the truth without filtering it. The responsibility of telling history to the people like they deserved to know. The winner, who won over Diane Warren, further claimed that she would never stop fighting for people and for everything that is right.