Car drives through Black Lives Matter protest in Aurora, Colorado

Aurora saw a blue Jeep careening through the protestors, while another demonstrator was shot as people were rallying against racial injustice. The Aurora PD mentioned that the protestors were peacefully walking down Interstate 225 when an SUV suddenly crashed through them. A protestor did shoot off a weapon that hit another protestor- currently in a hospital.

The situation around most of these cities has been quite tensed, ever since Trump let off federal troops on them. While the vehicle has been towed already, people took the law into their hands and started smashing courthouse windows.

Aurora has been the hotbed of demonstrations ever since light has been shed on the police killing of Elijah McClain who was subdued by the Aurora police last year. Someone had called the cops on him for looking suspicious, and when the paramedics injected Ketamine into his system, he went into a cardiac arrest, and later died.

Kentucky saw racial divisions at its worst- as black activists decided to rally for the inhumane killing of Breonna Taylor back on March 13, which also led to counter-protesting the black rally.

Louisville Metro Police Chief was seen mentioning, “I encourage anyone choosing to exercise their second amendment rights to do so responsibly.”

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