Slots Not on GamStop – Are They Scams or Safe?


In recent years, the UK gambling landscape has changed dramatically. Increasing government scrutiny has led to the introduction of the GamStop scheme. Punters are now looking at their options in the UK and one of them is to seek out slots not on GamStop, for the freedom to spin. 

The attraction to new casinos is due to the increasing rules on betting limits, bonus sizes, and restrictions on funding methods.  

If punters are looking for new betting options as an alternative to GamStop sites, this article will provide the pros and cons of making the move.  

How Does GamStop Work?  

GamStop is a service exclusive to Great Britain and Northern Ireland, where punters can sign up of their own accord to control their betting habits. Those who sign up for the service will be prevented from using gambling websites and casino apps regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, for a period of their choosing.  

The UK has seen a boom in the number of gaming companies with an online presence, while those firms have expanded their operations into more and more products, such as slots. This increase in betting options has since seen a crackdown on gaming companies from governments after a rise in problem gambling.    

In the GamStop programme, customers provide their current and former addresses, alongside any email addresses that they have used to sign up for betting sites. A blanket ban then applies across GamStop member sites if the user opts out of gaming for a period. 

What are Gambling Sites Not on GamStop? 

UK bettors are now becoming increasingly attracted to sites not on the GamStop programme. These are usually sites located outside of the UK that operate under different gaming authority rules. Different regulations are passed down to casinos operating slots not on GamStop and this means that they don’t have the same strict betting limits as UK sites.  

There are many gaming companies operating in foreign jurisdictions, due to better business environments for this business models. Malta is one of those locations and the Malta Gaming Authority is not subject to GamStop’s rules.  

Other global jurisdictions are still strict on compliance to protect users’ funds and data. Know Your Customer rules and segregation of client funds are two areas that are like the protection offered by the UK companies.  

The downside of using sites in another jurisdiction is the lack of third-party support for resolving disputes. It is up to the user whether they see this as a necessity. If punters are betting small account sizes, then it less of an issue. 

Punters are still weighing up the pros and cons of using these sites, due to the benefits that they offer in comparison to the GamStop firms. Enhanced regulation and limitations are being applied in a blanket fashion and this is restrictive for those who do not come under the categories of a problem gambler or low-income bettor.  

Sites offering slots not on GamStop usually have their own form of self-exclusion in place and players can opt-in at their own discretion. This gives punters more freedom to bet without restrictions.   

Are Casinos Not on GamStop Legal?  

UK slot fans are usually not aware of companies not on GamStop, while some fear that there are negative consequences about using international sites to avoid the UK rules. It is still entirely legal for UK gamblers to use slots not on GamStop to place their bets. 

GamStop is simply a measure that was introduced by the government to show that they were protecting punters amidst criticism over the rise in fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT). For most gamblers, these options brought more choice, but that is dangerous to certain types of bettors who found it hard to control their actions when there was less choice.  

Companies that operate slots not on GamStop are restricted in what they can market to the UK consumer, and this is another common reason that punters are unaware of the options that exist beyond the UK’s shores.  

Why Try Slots Not on GamStop?  

There are many advantages in using slot providers that are not listed on GamStop. Despite this, they should not be used to escape GamStop’s controls on problem gambling. Customers who are comfortable with their betting patterns can use this option for more freedom from what they may see as overly restrictive measures. That is a personal decision and anyone who has experiences with problem gambling should not be taking the risk.  

For those that are comfortable with their gambling habits, these sites can offer increased funding options and improved bonuses for a better all-round experience.   

Slots Not on GamStop vs UKGC Slots  

In any consumer choice, there will be pros and cons attached to using GamStop or non-GamStop casinos. It should be at the punter’s discretion whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of making the switch. This is our round-up of the key pros and cons for both options:  

UK Casino Examples  


·  UK recognized regulation bodies 

·  Familiar slot games by trusted industry names 

·  GBP deposits are standard 

·  Enhanced consumer experience 

·  Third-party support for dispute resolution 


·  Limits on stake sizes and spin timers 

·  Extensive verification processes 

·  Credit card deposits unavailable  

·  No support for cryptocurrency funding 

·  Limited bonus options 

Non-UK Sites not on GamStop  


·  More generous bonus sizes and frequency 

·  Fewer betting limits and restrictions 

·  A larger selection of game titles 

·  Self-exclusion is still possible 

·  Wider range of funding methods 


·  May not offer GBP access 

·  UK game titles may not be supported 

·  Less support for dispute resolution 

·  Can be used as a loophole for GamStop 

Our Conclusion on Non-GamStop Slots  

For slot players who are comfortable operating without GamStop restrictions, there are many advantages available from using slots not on GamStop. Customers will have more freedom to choose and freedom to spin.  

Bet sizes and payment methods are not restricted as they are in the UK, while there are other benefits such as increased bonuses. For slot users, lighter regulation on marketing will mean access to a wider range of game titles.  

There are many great non-GamStop slots available, but it is important to remember that UK-regulated online casinos provide a level of protection and security, especially for problem gamblers, that foreign-licensed casinos cannot.