Sofia Vergara Reveals Special Gift The Mayyas Gave Her

sofia vergara
sofia vergara

The Mayyas, the most recent winners of America’s Got Talent, will always feel grateful to Sofia Vergara because she now carries a part of them with her everywhere she goes.

Sofia Vergara told PEOPLE that the Golden Buzzer act which she had put forward had given her one of their bracelets as a thank you gift after Wednesday’s season 17 finale, in which the Lebanese dance group was crowned the winners.

Sofia Vergara Thanked Afterwards

After the performance, Sofia Vergara said, “They were thanking me.” “They handed me a necklace, which features a Lebanon-born tree. She was extremely pleased with the gift as the tree is their flag’s emblem.

I’m from Barranquilla, Colombia, which has a sizable Lebanese population. She said, “Shakira is partly Lebanese and hails from Barranquilla.

Nadim Cherfan, the founder of the troupe, had a talk with PEOPLE magazine about the gift and how he will always be grateful to the Modern Family actress, particularly his dancers who are getting ready to headline at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas with a million in their coffers. When Cherfan saw Vergara wearing the pendant on red carpet post-performance, she stated, “It means the world to us.” “To view this tree, which represents every Lebanese individual who will endure everything, is inspiring. So this is significant to us. very large

The present to Vergara “simply came spontaneously,” said Melissa Saliba, a dancer. “One of the dancers removed her necklace, which had cedar and a flag. We gave Sofa our flag, which is shown above.