Jake Paul Hits Out At Boxer Tommy Fury After He Pulls Out Of Fight: Furious Paul Calls Him Sketchy And Shady

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

Jake Paul received the news that he had been dreading when Tommy Fury canceled the rescheduled fight on the 18th of this month. The fight was hotly anticipated pitting Paul against the reality star of Love Island.

Jake Paul and Fury had earlier exchanged words in interviews and social media. There was an intense verbal encounter in September after Jake Paul stopped Tyron Woodley to go up 4 to nil in his brief career.

The YouTuber turned boxer was particularly scathing. He said that he could not comprehend how grown-up people could be b**ches. Jake Paul was appearing on the latest episode of The MMA Hour.

Jake Paul Talked About How The Pulling Out Can Make Fury A Laughingstock

Paul said that pulling out will make Fury the laughingstock of the internet. He said he wanted to know the Briton out and said that Fury must have realized that it was coming and backed out under pressure. He said he was disappointed.

Fury stated on Monday that a cracked rib and a chest infection had together made him take the decision. But Jake Paul doesn’t believe it. He said that originally it had been just about an infection. The broken rib was thrown in at the last moment.

Jake said that Fury had earlier pulled out of a fight claiming that his mother was sick. He said that Fury had a habit of canceling flights and had backed out of 5 bouts.

Jake said that he has fought with when he was sick and even with a fractured nose. In his last encounter with Tyron, Paul says he had a painful hyperextended elbow. He said that a real fighter learned to live through all such things.

Earlier, Fury’s brother, Tyson Fury had claimed that his brother was a much superior fighter than Jake Paul, saying that with the flu and a broken rib he was still capable of beating Paul

Fury’s withdrawal now clears a way for Jake Paul to face Tyron Woodley, the ex-UFC champ. He says that it will be a tough fight, but he wants to prove that he has improved.