Sony Michels Acquired By L. A. Rams From The Patriots

sony michels
sony michels

Running back Sony Michels will be adding some required depth to the Rams at the position, now that he is joining from the Patriots. On, Wednesday, the deal was announced by the Rams. In exchange, the Patriots will be receiving 2 conditional draft selections – a 5th round one, and a 6th round one.

Sony Michels Will Be Filling An Urgent Need

The Rams desperately needed a running back, which Sony Michels will be filling up. The vacancy opened up after they lost Cam Akers, the rising star, to a torn Achilles tendon on his right leg. The injury took place previous to the training camp when Akers was working out on his own.

After Akers could not play, the starting position has fallen to Darrell Henderson Junior. This is his third year as a professional footballer. However, the Rams did not have any significant depth backing Henderson. So far, Xavier Jones, a 2nd-year pro, and Jake Funk, a 7th round selection, were competitors for the position.

When training camp had started, Sean McVay, the Rams’ coach, said that the young backs would be given enough chances to prove their worth. But the season’s opening match would still need some outside help. In Monday practice, Henderson had a light sprain on the thumb of his left hand.

Sony Michels, a 4th-year pro, has scored 14 touchdowns and 2,292 yards in the 28 games he has started as a Patriot. In 2018, he was the team’s 31st overall pick. Sony Michels had been highly praised by Ivan Fears, the Patriots’ running coach. However, the team had one too many running backs in their training camp. Moreover, Damien Harris, a 3rd-year pro, had taken Michel’s position as a starter.