Kathy Hochul On Handling The Coronavirus Situation

Kathy Hochul
Kathy Hochul

Kathy Hochul, the first-ever female governor of the state of New York, addressed the crowd. This took place after several hours of her taking the oath of office. The 62-year-old politician from the Democratic Party gave her speech at the city of Albany. Through her speech, she expressed her agenda with regard to the state. The main focus of the state governor at the moment is the situation of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the state. She laid a few plans in order to tackle the problem. 

Kathy Hochul’s Plans

Kathy Hochul is not completely new to the position that she holds now.  She was the former lieutenant governor of the state. She replaced the former New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo. He was the one who gave his resignation from the post following the allegations of sexual harassment from many of his staff members. As per an official report, it was found that Andrew Cuomo is guilty of all the allegations made against him. Governor Kathy Hochul stated that she was completely ready to take some “proactive steps”  in order to tackle the situation of the Delta variant of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The speech was given on the 24th of August. The Democratic politician further expressed her concerns over the mask mandates and the schools. She stated that she was ordering the health department to execute the mask mandates in schools and which should be followed by anyone who enters the premises. Kathy Hochul further added that she would ensure that everybody from the school staff will get vaccinated. It was also stated that those who do not want to get inoculated can stick to their decision but will have to get tested after every week.